Corrupt weapons


For some reason, the latest shipment of Lootboxes seems a little… odd. Some weapons seem to be showing signs of behaviour outside of their normal operating conditions with performance statistics showing much higher than usual. These “corrupt weapons”, as they have come to be known, when investigated, appear to have been under-clocked in order to reach maximum effectiveness in certain areas. Make sure to keep an eye out for any modified weapons in Lootboxes, as you could be holding a weapon beyond the understanding of any terrorist.

Corrupt weapons are here! Multiple people have suggested the idea of debuffing weapons in favour of buffing other stats in the past, but thanks to @Janice for the name and sparking my imagination to create them.

Corrupt weapons are a sub-tier of weapon that have a chance to be produced when opening lootboxes. Every time you unbox a weapon there is a small chance it will become “corrupt” and gain a debuff of up to 55%. 55% of the power of that debuff is then taken and applied to one stat randomly, increasing the power of a stat beyond the usual limits. With corrupt weapons a single stat can reach an 85% buff. Corrupt weapons can range anywhere from completely useless to straight up overpowered, so get unboxing!


-55% Reload Speed -_-


@Janice you scoundrel. Well done my friend.


The mad man did it, he added new weapons!


-55% Increased Recoil. If you have an auto gun you will not be able to aim for your life XD.


-55% recoil + 85% fire rate huge…

What aim? all I do is KICK BACK!


(10 Characters kmn)


Is this going to stay in the game or is this only limited time? Hope its going to stay.


The whole damn thing is broken. You make more scrap than you spend.


Imagine: -55% clip size 85% firerate 55% dmg boost (mac10) :confused:
Fuck you harry


Harry’s mod lore PogChamp


These are a good idea but they are so common it is complete bull shit, idk what the fuck the server has turned into but guns do 120 damage for some fucking reason and its shite, an anti planet gun has been unboxed recently and its a fucking secondary and it makes playing against it unplayable, and some people get fucking tire 1’s with 50% damage boost and destroy everyone. I was expecting corrupted weapons to be rarer that legendry’s but they are more common that a fucking tire 1. So to prevent this shite, Im not playing for a bit. cool cool, bye


and now some lucky prick ( guaranteed to be mane or no brain ) who play a lot less that some of us will get some 85% damage 50 fire rate and clip size and fucking - reload time and just destroy the server and create it to be unplayable. Ive stopped using my m3 because it one shot everyone and it just wasn’t fun to play against



I agree, even the commons and rares are overpowered!


55 % decressed dmg on a shotgun RIP


I better see you using it on the daily.


nah man sold it to one of the other regs for a blackmarket aug


Absolute shitebag.