Deagle Augment Giveaway / Competition

On December 14th, I will give away all my deagle augments other than Cool Sounding Deagle. You will have to compete to get them. The game will be Papers Please. The competition is to get as many people processed on day 9 as possible. Rules are as follows, Don’t sell out the artsotokan spies, 2 citations max, and beat my score if you can (if noone does top scorer who isn’t me will get it)
Please submit scores as a screenshot of the days summery in the thread Deagles Please or here.

Augments (Deagle Augments)
98 Heavy Barrell
97 Light Bolt, Light Reciever
96 High caliber, Magnum Rounds, Overgrassed
78 High Caliber

If you want to beat the best i’ve done it’s a 23 people w/ no citations
One posted on the tournament is a 19

I read the title as “Deagle Argument” and honestly I’d be in with a better chance of winning that lmao

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