Easter Event Update

Hello Everyone, and welcome to the Easter Event!

Hot off the trails of the Valentine’s Day Event, we’re back with even more fun updates! Per usual, there are collectable lootboxes across the maps for your hoarding pleasures. We’re also very happy to announce we have some exciting new additions to both Main and Genesis!

  • The Rollermine Gun, and Stimshot T/D items from Valentines Day are now added to Genesis
  • 2 New Exotic Guns: “Plasma Pistol” and “EgG gUn”
  • 1 New Exotic Hat: “Bunny Hood” (New Exotic Mask TBA)
  • 2 New hats, and 1 mask are being added

Before anybody goes “i’Ve BeEn UnBoXiNg AnD i DiDnT gEt ThE nEw ExOtIcS”, both new exotic weapons, and the new exotic mask (coming soon) will be MAIN ONLY. This is in large part due to limitations with Genesis’s Inventory system. See Blu for all complaints.

In addition to fun updates, some balances will be coming as well. Main will be receiving a Weapons Balance, and Genesis will be receiving some tweaks to it’s exotic system. Keep an eye on this post for updates regarding these.

To quote an Emo Bird, “comments/insults are welcomed below.”



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:handup: to that

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Give me main scrap (and lootboxes)

g-reat news

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You are doing a great job, I love it. thanks for the update!

Soon he’s gonna get “stim shot” carved on it and it’s alright!

i dont understand the part about new changes where you damage and you are shooting

and another thing
your ugly

What does plasma pistol and bunny hood do?

idk about plasma pistol but bunny hood is double jump which is really pog. can be used to negate fall damage

for main or genesis or both?

Plasma pistol does more damage if you “charge” it with right click, which takes a good long while, and bunny hood gives a double jump, which isnt paticularly useful as its outclassed by both soft pillow and moonman

so I assume those are Main items?

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Bunny hood>moonman and soft pillow

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i got fucking scammed by buying the fucking hat for 500k stupid hat, it does bounce tho.