Easter giveaway draw!


The Easter giveaway has been drawn! Here’s the results:

£25 steam card
Winner: TwistedShadow
£10 steam card
Winner: Doppel

Exotic weapon
Winner: 3000
Winner: LLamaLord666
Winner: player_135
Winner: JoeEEE423
Winner: Knot Me

Winner: JoinedManticore
Winner: Dataho

Custom taunt
Winner: NoBrain

If you’ve won anything but don’t have it within the next day add me on steam and I’ll give it to you.


@Doppel @3000 @TwistedShadow @player_135 @JoeEEE423 @NoBrain @Dataho



this is absolutely not meant to happen guys



Like what happened


a command ‘gimmexotic’ gives you an exotic


Thanks man Appreciate it man


The command “gimmexotic” used to give an Exotic M16, for use on Harry’s test server to…well, make sure it worked.

Harry then forgot to remove it and left it active on the Main server for anyone to use. Even normal Users.
With high damage, a clipsize of 30 and a scrap value of 6k.

Cue the server violently breaking for a few hours until Harry fixed it.