Easter store sale + VIP price increase


The Easter sale is now on in the HarrysMod store! Get up to 40% off on all HarrysMod ranks, items and scrap. The price of VIP has been increased to £9.99 when not on sale. VIP now contains so many perks and benefits, and this new price justifies those. You’ll also get 5 lootboxes when buying VIP instead of 3 now as well to compensate for the price increase. Now is a great time to buy VIP, it’s currently only £5.99 in the store, and it’ll be the last time you see that price for a while.




No harry. No


Just bought it. Looks like I’m part of the Kool Kids Klub now :sunglasses::sunglasses:


I only got three lootboxes. What happened to five :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::sob::sob:


Would someone buy me VIP if i game em a 3/3 Legendary HUGE? I’m in a second world country and 5.99 euros is a lot for me considering my public transports are all 0.5 euros one way and you guys pay 2.5 pounds for a ticket. Tl:Dr Your money is worth more to me than you.


3/3 legendary huge is not even worth £5.99 lmao. I doubt anyone would pay for that itself.


Just bought it. Hope it’s worth it, probably is.