Fairly large main giveaway!

Now that the kringlefuckers have been collected, my goals for hmod are pretty much over. To celebrate this occassion, im going to give away most of my inventory, specifically:

  • The sniper shotty exotic

  • The duck gun exotic

  • The soft pillow exotic

  • A 24.6% speed boost mask

  • The experimental mp5s exotic

  • A 89.28% fall damage mask

  • The tranquilizer gun exotic

  • The m3 garand exotic

  • The warlord exotic

  • The cool sounding deagle exotic

  • The quad berretas exotic

  • The dual huge exotic

  • The vampiric deagle exotic

  • A 35% bullets, 40% firerate, 39% damage shotgun

  • A 34% mag, 31% damage, 86% firerate, -26% accuracy tmp

Im not sure how prizes will be handed out yet(but its certain that its gonna be more than one per person if less than 15 join), but to enter you must have a main level of atleast 25 and comment about either:
A reason why genesis is worse than main
A funny experience youve had on the hmod ttt servers

Deadline is the 23rd of this month, no reason not to join nerds


you havent exactly mentioned the way to enter this giveaway lol, and if its just free, soft pillow is baeeeee.

Accidentally posted early, forum be finnicky on mobile

One time (like 3 years ago lol) Janice and Doppel came on as Johhny Steps and Master Splinter and did a lot of trolling. Johhny steps is the best dance dance revolution player of all time. I think about this nearly every day.

Well in that case it tends to be the lack of variety in the attachments really used. Mains weapons were more fun

Aldron getting crushed by the turret he placed

EDIT: lmao it was still pinned Screen capture - cccb96ed78fe6ebf35ce6166c0c061d8 - Gyazo

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The time that ccx gave me their abuse exotic and I mrdmed the entirety of the server on airbus and 1 person reported me (then they forgave the report)
This is both a reason why main is better and a funny experience

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I claimed I was Traitor in Voice Chat for 10 rounds straight and every single time I was the Traitor.

Why genesis is worse than main? Personally cause of the fact that people having so many items and exotics lags the server, thus making main lag free and better. Also guns are harder to get and you actually have to grind.

A funny experience on hmod? I was once a T on the minecraft city map, and me, 2 innocents and a detective got in the 3 player tester. After which I called in my T buddy to kill the detective, free me from the tester and open my door. After which we just killed everybody in the tester as they stared me dead in the eyes. Pretty funny

Hi, i’d like to enter kind hodd man. Glad to see some giveaways happening for main. Genesis stinky cuz lag is L and too much sweat. also, i never have a fun experience on hmod. though i regularly have a lot of funny rdm happening. so i guess theres that. if i win dont bother giving me any exotics, leave those for others. I’d just like the speed boost mask.

“a funny experience you’ve had on the hmod ttt servers”

need i say more

i used a discombobulator to throw some dude off the tower and he hit Redline midair. both people died. still the best RDM i have ever done tbh

Genesis is full of set 8 children that think politics is interesting.

Being able to vote kick CCX when I was vip was pretty funny. Always got perma banned for a bit of banter.


When I basicly used luck to break genesis economy to this day. That was fun.

Also that time I had my vip revoked for votekicking people. Funniest was salty alastor that I kicked on his t round bc I felt like it.

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The Genesis is worse than main for a lot of reasons:

  • The goddamn lag (Everybody wants to kill himself while playing on genesis)
  • No more funny exotic weapons ( :frowning: )
  • Attachments make getting better weapons harder but OP ass weapons still exist
  • Less exotics = less fun = more depressed people
  • Genesis has wayyyy more toxic fuckers (for some reason)
    I am also going to talk about a funny experience I had on the hmod genesis server
    (even if I don’t have to):
    Someone sprayed a picture of a real human butthole and there were no admins on the server.

Devs still did a FANTASTIC job creating both of the servers and I had a LOT of good memories while playing both of them.
Keep doing what you are doing! :slight_smile:

genesis doesnt have the luxury of the “great filter” (minecraft server)

Bullying Countdown

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Codey using the insterminator (on main) on someone in a wheelchair and watching him fly about was very funny.

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Using ‘For the Love of God’ for the first time, not knowing what it was. That was exceptionally funny.

The bit about Randy fucking icecream was pretty funny