FastDL not setup properly, risk of loosing new players


Bug description: FastDL is either missing vital listings from Workshop or doesn’t work from URL Download
Steps to reproduce: Delete all maps stored locally and try joining the server. Connection rejected due to missing map files. I’d recommend just uploading maps to the main webserver and bz2 compressing them rather than using Workshop as it is hit or miss. I also noticed the same with your SMTP Server, which I am curious to wat SMTP you are using if you don’t mind letting me know, as it is responsive but sometimes ignores direct requests and then catches up suddenly after multiple prompts
Screenshots (If applicable):

FastDL is rather hit or miss usually, but the majority of maps to my knowledge are on there.
If you delete your maps folder then usually you start getting redownloads or just map errors due to the fact that it is this hit or miss.
O’course I don’t know alot about that side of development but I’ll try and forward this to the relevant people for their take on the matter.

DL works fine but it’s tied to something else, which is having a crashing episode. We are aware and working on it.

oh also we already do this