Fixing Whatever This Is

I suggest fixing whatever this is…
or just make it an intended feature, the feature bloat makes the server unplayable already

That looks like it could be a hat, do you have tf2 and css installed?

That is a whole ass weapon

Do you know what weapon it is? Because a lot of the weapons pull textures from css

One of the non-vanilla ones, HMod had broken workshop addons when I joined but I hope it’s fixed now. Posted the image because a skin applying to a missing model is goofy as hell.

Ahh yeah If the discords bot is down that will happen, we generally get it back up in no time :+1:t2:

It’s a feature. :surfing_man:

I have never seen the skins get applied to an error, that’s just fucking amazing hahaha

i believe i was using the M45 in that screenshot