FuSe's Christmas Giveaway (Genesis)

Hi there, I bare some news. Santa found the cumjar instead of the milk jar, so he is out of commission for the holiday. He instead asked me if I could hand out this:
To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is comment below on why you love christmas, or your best attempts to console santa as he’s drowning in semen. Drop a like if you want more giveaways, thanks.
This will end on Christmas morning, and ill ping whoever wins it. Also I’ll like your comment if its valid enough to be entered in.

Weapon ID: 2285497

Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy yourselves this season!


I mean… its better to sink in the cum then… uh… then cum in… eh I love christmas because I get gifts and money Im empty inside


chrismas is fun and presents fun and i like christmas because i get to eat a lot and open up a lot of presents and that is why i like chrtistmas and santa because he gives me a lot of presents on chrismas night and santa is big and fat and funny and old he is the bestest person ever becauase he giftes everyone and child and adult a lot of presents if they are good and if they arent good they go get coal and bad list and i am good and i get presents so i like christmas and santa


Christmas is one of the most 50/50 holidays of the year in my experience. I’ve had great times, and right now I’m having a very bitter-sweet time. Tradition for christmas is going to my grandmother’s house and eating with my family followed by having an overwhelming amount of presents to open up. This year, though, it’s been all over the place, and it’s going to be extremely difficult for me to do it again knowing someone’s missing.


I like Christmas because

My condolences, Santa Claus. Respiratory impairment from submersion in a liquid/viscous medium is a horrific way to go.

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christmas i like because of yes クリスマスは日本でも特別な季節です。日本では、クリスマスは主にカップルや友達と過ごすイベントとして捉えられています。街はキラキラとしたイルミネーションで飾られ、ショッピングモールや街中でクリスマスソングが流れます。


(on a real note christmas in japan is sick id highly recommend it)

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if i cant translate it then i cant accept it B)

Glad you dropped the message saying that this was about to end because I really wanted some aug augments :smiley:

I love christmas because of all the festive foods and drinks that are put on shop shelves :smiley:

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now it should work

This will close in 4 hours (it’s currently 4 am est)

i forgor, rolling now

You won, you have 3 days to respond here or on discord to claim your item. If you fail to respond here or to ping me on discord, I will reroll


they failed to respond so i respin!


respin respin

poo brfain

been busy with work, will respin now

@ARandomPerson you have 3 days to claim

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claimed yesterday