Genesis commissions. Yay

I’ll “formally” open commission again since I want gensis scrap and I have some time now.
Hello I draw shit, the art is mediocre at best but I do not ask a lot for it.

I’ll draw most anything except:
Really complicated stuff (Includes backgrounds)
Complete nudity

I’m not good at drawing:
Tho I’ll draw these, just don’t expect much

Each drawing will bill you around 10k - 20k genesis scrap depending on what you want.
You will pay before I give you the drawing except if it’s someone I trust yes

It takes me an hour or two to crap out a drawing so be patient

Please contact me over discord if possible

Finally here are some examples If you haven’t seen any

These are the most recent decent drawings so don’t look too much into em

Keep the change you filthy animal

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Hello can I have a completely nude animal posing in a fetish type fashion thanks. x

What shlong size?

Same size as @CCX9010’s please. x

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Oof, that’s gonna reduce the price of the drawing by atleast 20k

Don’t you mean the uhh…


Pasta person

I mean I can draw that if you really want

Pay up spastic. x

I will I will j-just dont hurt me

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