Get a custom exotic!

Gonna be honest with everyone, store purchases are down and I need money to keep myself and the server alive. So to hopefully help with this, I’ll be taking requests for custom exotics for money for a short time!


  • Exotics will be balanced by me (and insert)
  • You cannot ask for an exotic that already exists
  • Exotics I create will mostly be cosmetic in nature rather than powerful. I won’t do exotics that will directly make you stronger.
  • Depending on the request I will merge an existing attachment from your inventory in to it.
  • You will only get 1 exotic, and you may trade it to other people, but I won’t spawn any more in.

Pricing will start around £15 for a basic sound or model replacement and will increase based on how much time it will take me to make.

For those who have gotten this far and are still interested, DM me on the forums or on Discord and I’ll see what I can do.


are you selling your 30gb of porn too


As much as i think this is a bad idea and you shouldnt sell out, but GODDAMN this is my only chance to have a bootleg intervention

Damn if only i had £15 i had an awesome idea

Genuine question: How much for you to create a usable version of the quad glocks?

Tenfold Judge

If I or any one else happened to want a gun would messaging insert instead of you be alright?

Just me



I don’t want one.
Get poor. x

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