Gun suggestion for genesis

A dragonov semi-auto rifle. With the possibility to remove scope? If no to that just tge dragonov i guess?

Sadly new guns are not going to come to genisis unless they introduce a new gameplay aspect to the game
After quickly googling it, the Dragonov is a semi-auto sniper. Albiet it gas powered we already have a semi-auto sniper - the SG550.

Unless you have a wildy different idea for a gun that isnt X stat is higher but Y stat is lower we sadly wont add it.

I did have another thought. While being a semi auto rifle. The sks usually is used as a AR in a sence that it usually is used with iron sights.

That’s true, but I think you may have misunderstood the gravitas surrounding what @Torterra1111 was saying.

Iron sights versus scopes or laser sights or no sights is something offered within the game mode with the already-available weapons.

Semi-auto versus fully auto or bolt action or any other feasible rate of fire can already be seen in the already-available weapons.

Rate of fire, sights, recoil and damage are already very well catered to. Introducing another weapon that only seeks to add a variation on those same things is hardly re-inventing the wheel. Sure, it is a cosmetic change, but we have that too in the form of skins. It really can’t be justified.

Ah i see fair enough id have to have a poke around on the ttt side of tge gmod workshop, then come back with a propper suggestion. I would say the paper plane t weapon but its a lil op lol

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