Hah a bit late but an introduction non the less

Woah its a late ass introduction
Im Nico ig

I play HMod and I have been since early 2018 under many names I try and bury.

About me:
Im fucking stupid
Listen to lemon demon as a result of being stupid
I play main mostly with occasional genesis activity depending on if I know people

just use a pronoun any pronoun you’ll be right 33% of the time so its a better gamble then bugs race

Thats about it


You are ok.
Say the other names and I will rste them 1-10

you are idiot

reason for this new account is i was too lazy to log in my existing one so i created a new one using a new email.

also you are a big dumb dumb

The names are horrendous abominations I bury at any possible moment I can.
They are all 1

Poopy head

More liken stinkeyy