Halloween 2023

Hello There! (he says in a a really shitty Obi-Wan Impression)

Welcome to Spooky Time! Per usual we will have all the usual fun tricks spawning in. For those new and who don’t remember, much like other events we will have floating lootboxes scattered across the map. But watch out, trick or treating is taken VERY seriously on this server!

In honor of the spook we have added some fun Halloween maps, and new Halloween themed skins!

  • HUGE - Spooky Pumpkin and Spoopy Skeleton

  • TMP - Spooky Ghost

  • AR-15 - Nebula

And of course, I decided to have fun and added a new Exotic. The Quack’d Huge! It’s stupid and i think most of you are gonna hate it but sometimes we make things just to laugh. So here’s an exotic from my own personal inventory now opened to the public!

Also introducing the Cool Sounding Deagle’s little brother… THE C00L SOUNDING SCOUT. It does exactly what you think it does, it sounds cool.

As always thank you all for playing, and we hope to see you again next Halloween! Comments/insults welcomed below.



(I have no idea why i wanted to post this but i decided it would be funny to post a random cs2 clip on an announcement so here you go)

happpy bnhaloween everyone



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cool sounding m60 coming up next?

Chief, mind telling me, what you did in that development environment?
Sir, quack’-

mans doesn’t even say what quack’d huge does

Would be a shame if the p90 was buffed

#patch-notes in discord always has the explanations for new guns/exotics/etc

This will be interesting!

oh no not Q


Alphabet reference?

Get an actual grip oh my god what is this are you for real I’m going to go ballistic honestly stop this and barricade yourself in the fucking house I’m coming to get you be ready Jesus fuck.

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