Harry's Mod is Communist


I’ve been banned for being toxic and I believe this is the start of a political uprising in Harry’s Mod. Harry’s Mod is a Communist server. The rules and staff are a mirror representation of Stalin’s Union of Social Soviets. Insert Blank being a high status member in the NKVD and I have been sent to the Gulag to play so called monopoly which is a complete ploy into the idea he harbours capitalism. Some believe Harry isn’t real, some believe Harry is a secret name for a staff member who already owns there server incognito. I however believe Harry to be Harry Pollitt and nothing will stop the censorship I have faced today.
I will be back.


holy fuck you’re right no wonder why his name is karl Marx on discord.

but harry lieks mony? @meharryp please explain


I genuinely had to read this 5 times to check he wasn’t serious. I’ve been reading too much crap :joy:


I’m deadly serious. You do know this is a ban appeal all kinds of shit in these


Same here lmao xd


Frick off you capitalist swine
The Working Class will rise to power and we dont need tsars puppets like you for that
PS:Public execution tommorow 12am at the red square, bring stuff to throw at the enemies of the people


Still am not taking you seriously. Any sarcasm is lost due to text so I genuinely am too tired to tell


Ban this guy for being a meanie

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if hmod is communist, ive been throwing the wrong people from my helicopter

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So like can i be unbanned now or what?


The Gulags are mine, enjoy the starvation.

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Alright gamer, Its time to sit down and read up.

Lets go over why you got banned for a day and why this hissy fit is a waste of our time

  1. Team Killing RDM. You murdered the detective.
    2.1 - Random Death Match (RDM)

Any player without valid reasoning cannot kill another player, appropriate reasoning to kill the player is needed. This is otherwise known as RDM (Random Death Match). These are the recommended punishments for RDM:

Point 2,3 AND 4. Revenge RDM, you wanted him dead before you did this AND toxic behaviour.

You decided to take justice into your own hands when i sorted the slay. I am the one who deals with this so we dont have massive RDM wars that take away from the gameplay
You also then talked about it with me at length about what would happen about you doing this. You agrevated the situation because you could not let something go
Finnaly Report above. No explination needed.
1.6 - Disrespect

This ties into rule 1.5. Players must conduct themselves appropriately when communicating with others. Swearing, insults, etc. are allowed provided both sides find it funny and are okay with it. Do not harass people. Period. If an issue between you and someone arises, take it to an admin.

Its a day ban. You can wait that long. So while you’re banned - Turn off the PC, Go to your mothers house, Say i have been very naught and toxic over the internet, Go give her a hug and say sorry, Get the family round, play Monopoly or something to get the family round and clean up your act.


i am gay haha I fuck @3000 in the bum because he’s a cross dressing taker. xxxxxxx

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