HarrysMod 3rd Birthday event!

Hi everyone,

Unbelievably, we’ve now reached 3 years of HarrysMod - holy shit! To celebrate this surprising milestone, the birthday cakes are back in for the next few weeks. In addition, the following things have been added/changed:

Harry’s things

There’s 3 new attachments dropping from lootboxes for the duration of the event!

  • Quickmags: Halves your magazine size but doubles your reload speed, also slightly reduces recoil
  • Loudener: Makes your gun loud. Like really loud. Increased recoil, damage and range.
  • Semi-auto conversion: Converts your gun to semi-automatic. Reduces recoil, and slightly reduces fire-rate. Does not have an effect on weapons that are already semi-automatic.


  • Skills are taking a lot longer than I’d like. I’m actually pretty burned out on Garry’s Mod in general right now and don’t have a lot of motivation to add big new features like this. Eventually it’s going to be done but I can’t say for sure right now. The final bit that needs finishing is actually creating the application of the skills themselves but man is that boring to make, but eventually they will come out.

also there’s a sale on at https://harry.gg/store please buy more scrap, VIP+ 6 months is also back for a limited time

Event spawn fixing

A massive shout out to everyone that helped me with event spawn fixes over the Easter event, there have been a series of changes. If you still are able to see cakes out of bounds, please PM myself with a screenshot and why you can’t reach it (invisible wall, glitch etc).

Charity bundle 2 update

We raised £400 over the course of this process, a simply massive achievement and fat thanks to everyone who bought the bundle! We may decide to do another bundle down the road, keep an eye out for this.

Staff update

We’ve made a series of changes over the last few months regarding bans and slays etc. We’ve been issuing far fewer perma bans and it seems to be working out okay so far. Please don’t ping staff members in discord about RDM, we know when this is happening. A reminder, you can appeal your ban by reading this post: How to appeal your ban!. Please ensure you explain what happened etc. For anyone reading this that was previously perma banned, feel free to appeal, no guarantees on an unban but doesn’t hurt to try right?

Insert’s section

Its been quite clear that i have been burned out of ttt in general, Since it is the birthday event you can look forward to daily one hour hosts on Main2 from 8-9pm for one week.
Starting tommorow, you can join event with a guanteed 20k scrap pay out when winning events (Fuck the ecconomy, go unbox). You are guanteed for dunb events and the very occasional use of some compleatly broken exotics all for fun… and the strain of the main2.
(Event will be sadly canceled on the day if less than 8 people do not join after 10 mins of the event)

Raptor’s Section

Hello, hats/masks still aren’t in, genuinely lacking motivation to do much. Hopefully will be motivated soon. Here’s some of the stuff I pushed for and got. Or made.

Map Changes

We have added two new maps! ttt_aircraft and ttt_old_factory both join the map selection on main.

However we say goodbye to 3 maps - ttt_hogwarts, ttt_roy_the_ship, and ttt_lttp_kakariko. Each has different reasons for being gone.

Also thumbnails might be in for maps! Depends on if Harry was able to get around to that; if not, oh well. I’ll ask him later.

Exotic Balancing

Dual Crowbars – increased push force
Dual Mac10s – minor accuracy increase, slightly reduced recoil, slightly increased reload speed
Experimental MP5s – increased damage, slightly reduced recoil, slightly increased reload speed, decreased headshot multiplier, increased damage drop-off
M3 Garand – decreased recoil
Quad Berettas – decreased recoil, minor accuracy increase, min/max range increase, max dropoff increase
Rab-Worc – increased firerate, increased damage, increased pull cooldown
Sniper Shotty – 1 less bullet per shot, slightly increased firerate, reduced recoil
Tranquilizer Gun – increased damage (1 shots body armour (no HP boost) on head), decreased firerate
Vampiric Deagle – heals 35 (still take 15 damage)
Berserker – minor recoil reduction, slightly increased damage, slightly decreased headshot multiplier
SniperGun550 – lower max range (so gets stronger at shorter distance, 2500 units max), slightly decreased recoil

New Exotic

The burst-fire FAMAS, Count Wankpuffin IV, finally makes it’s debut! The name was chosen in a quick poll, and I’m sure he’s delighted to have a gun named after him.

Birthday Loot Box

The Birthday Loot Box sat unchanged for a literal year. Today, that changes! For the next month, the box will rotate the weapons in it each Friday. The selection each week was made to keep each week having a variety of weapons (for example, only 1 SMG each week). Here’s the schedule:

17th-23rd: AUG, Deagle, FAMAS, M3 Super 90, P90, TMP
24th-30th: HUGE, M1 Garand, M16, MP5, Pistol, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Sniper Rifle
31st-6th: Galil, Glock, Mac10, P228, SG550, SPAS-12
7th-13th: AK-47, Crowbar, Dualies, Judge, M60, Shotgun, UMP


by popular demand here are some stats

  • Total kills: 3,124,784
  • Combined player level: 597,907
  • Combined scrap of all players: 2,240,168,086
  • Combined scrap of all players if you remove CCX: 98,939,467
    – 2 years ago this was 5 million scrap, how the fuck have you guys caused so much inflation
  • Excluding CCX, the top 10 players hold 12% of the scrap on the server, down from 30% 2 years ago.
  • 509,739 rounds have been played
    – The most played non-minecraft map: ttt_rooftops_2016_v1, 22586 rounds, with ttt_skyscraper_2015_v1p_f4 a close second at 20148 rounds, and ttt_community_pool_2017_b4 at 20138 rounds
  • There are currently 762,016 items in existence
  • 7,579 items have been sold on the market
  • 42,676,390 scrap has been traded on the market
  • Since December 2018:
    1,836,772 lootboxes have been opened
    3,117,911 items have been scrapped
    2,034 legendaries have been unboxed
    1,478 exotics have been unboxed
    18,486 trades have been sent…
    – … but only 9,711 trades were accepted

sorry insert i have had to hijack 1st post
- harry

2nd due to the fact harry is a bigger gamer than me


I am too powerful




lmfao this is epic


replying because I saw CCX typing and panicked


either Im stupid or CCX owns 95.583390924176% of the servers scrap


To stop people with abuse exotics trading them when they shouldn’t, all abuse exotics are now unboxable provided you buy both VIP and VIP+ (3 month package), then unbox while drinking a gallon of unfiltered puddle water.

Happy hunting!


I wonder how many gamblers are in existence


How is shotty sniper not buffed?

Also happy birthday harrys mod


You added aircraft! Im so happy


"Heres some of the stuff I pushed for and got. Or made: " lmfao


Now i can get communism heck yeah

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this is a certified fart moment

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The Shotty Sniper doesn’t function correctly - can’t balance it if it isn’t working right.

Still waiting on Harry to get back to me on it.

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Can’t wait for when the Loudender gets fixed

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Does that mean Harry is making a sex tape???



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sexytime yes yes

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