Heskan dummy


why tf does he always reply to like every single forum post i just see him god damn everywhere and its like a parasite why cant it be clean its like one bit of dust you cant reach somewhere or when you need to fart in public so you spread your ass cheeks to not make any noise but it just wont come out


Bruh just tryin to keep the forums alife
SidSef dummy




nah heskan got banned from discord so the forums is the only source of contact he has with hmod apart from the main server.

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Nah I have my own little discord with a few people as well! Also I’ve always been kinda active on the forums


plus he has his alt for discord


I am not on discord with an alt. Like seriously, dont say shit you don’t know about.


You just joined with one realised the name was the same then left


Exactly, I already statet that it was an accident. I checked it on my PC and it selected the wrong account, so I realized that and immidiately left. That account wasnt even verified btw




I see no problem

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