How many servers are there?

If you could, also post the names so I can connect? Thanks!

There is genesis which you alteady k ow how to connect to if youre not small brain

This should lead you to main (best server) if haryy didnt change it

Tho no one plays it because they dont know that it exists! Example:You

L4bell is correct.

There used to be 2 servers, an MC only server and the Main server. They had the same inventory system. However this inventory system was eventually decided to be slightly broken, partially due to the fact that long time players had utterly broken guns (in particular looking at you @NoBrain), so a new inventory system was created and made on a new server, known as genesis. This has the attachment based weapon system and some extra guns. This new server has become the regular server now, due to the fact that everyone flocked to it when it first released, and now the Main server has gone down in rankings so only people who know it exists play on it, which has unfortunately pretty much killed it. (The MC server was deactivated when genesis was released)

A general consensus i have seen among a few players is that the Main server had more variety in the guns, because of the way the stats worked(and the wide array of exotics which were actually decent and need to be brought back). However Genesis is much more welcoming to beginners and while it has less variety, you can keep tuning weapons up


There’s also a prophunt server in the works

Heavy rp server when

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eyy Im correct

Erp server when

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i will give you a free legendary if i see you play on main

there are like 5

No? There’s 2

I want to take you up on that offer

Life is just one big server.

yeaaaah about that…

sure i would like to give a few new main players a free gun but

the joke is that im actually banned on hmod sooooo

(i mean if i somehow manage to get unbanned just DM me if you want a free legendary)
(offer is real and only to rainbo and retro unless they are annoying players)

lol aight main is dead anyways like i want to try that but yeah

lmao imagine being banned


yeah i didnt even had to instal cheats to get banned for cheats

pretty cool right?


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like 4 minecraft severs