I am the Lorax and I speak for the trees, and Mclisti likes to RDM me

His name is Mclisti, here is his STEAMID. STEAM_0:0:19845110

He loves to get a laugh out of ruining your T Rounds or gaming experience in general.

Here are two back to back rounds to prove it.

Reported on the server, but obviously no staff is online to deal with it. So there ya are.

New Users cannot upload images, but he also was mass spamming the N word in chat. I have the screenshot but it will not let me post it.

Staff doesn’t need to be online to deal with it. Next time, contact the on-call staff like the other players did. They’re already banned. Case closed.

didn’t mean to sound harsh lmao, it’s just late. But yes, they’ve been dealt with already. thx for the report


Next time kindly use this method

Or the report will be closed, thank you