I want ideas for maps

So I’ve been wanting to learn hammer specifically for hmod for a while now but i dont have any good ideas for maps, throw some ideas in the comments with as much detail as is needed, if im interested ill let you know and we can talk out more details. If you’d like to include details such as cool T traps to include and sketches, you are more than welcome to.

Note: Because im the one making the map ill do whatever i like with the idea, and there’s also no guarantee I ever actually complete it because hammer is awful from what ive been told and im also not exactly the most motivated person.

A large and pointless duck

T trap/Easter egg for moonman gravity
Could be ripped from rooftops

Good mix of Mid range sight lines regardless of map size ( think fast food, shapes, bistro or pool)

T room with entrances/exits that are difficult but not impossible to camp (new version of that map that used to be first after server restart)

Map hazards (pit of death, horizontal fans)

Mobility (jump pads think simple or strip club but with water to safely fall)

Breakable T tester

Restricted map bounds (so not OOB with supers, jet pack etc)

Easter egg/quest door accessible area

Hidden credit items

Fixed explodables (pin setter bowling, rooftop radiators)

Will think of more and add

Ofc just suggestions and maybe inspiration but add or don’t add as many as you like

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Also plenty of inspiration in maps channel to be had

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Simple task to help learn hammer editor if you go down that route - add ammo and guns to this map so we can add it to genesis - i liked it a lot on main

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hi i reopened this because i still want ideas, themes, concepts for map design, anything, so throw me some ideas

ttt mixed with deathrun