I want your ideas

best suggestions get made into a real thing with prizes!

“Prop hunt will come soon.tm”

Ideas i have seen
-Harrys mod Gmod Sandbox
-Minecraft related (Hypixel/other)
-Jackbox game nights

A Minecraft server was made, but failed. Maybe due to how it was anarchy



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the fuck is tt and

we do the same thing like comp ttt but on hypixel with minigames
(not becuase I am party games sweat no)

Minecraft smp without mods just normal minecraft

Terraria again but with calamity

competetiititive jackbox because why not

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I have multiple brain ideas, such as

  1. Bring back the original events,i know this is ttt related but theywere so much fun (apart from hide and seek)
  2. Battle royale,(haha funny),there are actual br gamemodes on gmod but if theres a seperate game that has br shit with private lobbies that would also be nice. (i just remembered unturned is f2p has an arena mode which is basically br, i could set that up babe :wink: )
  3. Nobody remembers dropzone but its also a shockingly good time, cool shit please keep in mind
    4.hmod gorrila tag

competetive jackbox lmfao
sorry about the spam I have many ideas

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:slight_smile: among us

How about you start streaming, I’d love to see some insert quality streaming

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Whoops that was my alt that I used to rig the voting don’t mind me

pokemon 1v1 tournament (will take too long i think)
terraria hardcore with pvp enabled at all times ? ( will result in a lot of rage quits i think)

Hmod scribbl.io . I haven’t personally tried it, but I’ve heard good things. Basically online pictionary.


Could make an actual community MC server, rather than just minigames on highpixel

Also, table top sim has some really good shit, including but not limited to secret hitler(theres also an online way to play that one)

Sounds like ttt

oh ffs i misread

you saw nothing

considering the fact that people that play hmod should have tf2 installed you could always try some stuff on there, kk enough spam now

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Hmod tf2 higher tower zombies 10x randomizer crit classwars server insta respawns roll the dice arena medieval trade achievement Saxton hale freak fortress prop hunt jail break Rp wario ware slender fortress minecraft plr could be fun

We need the HMod minecraft server back

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Need is a strong word considering the fact that such a bold statement will no doubt split the room.