If you make me admin, i can monitor the mc server

i am alive 24/7 and i play on this server for 12 hrs a day, pls promote

*i type +right in console so i can exploit crates and pretend i’m actually on the server :slightly_smiling_face:


Shhhhhh doppel i did that once and i’ll never do it again :joy:



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Stay away.

You only just told the admins to not come in the minecraft sever now you are saying make you admin

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I Hope that Harry accept me as an Operator/admin not u janistal

I’m normally really active but being online is hard when your pc is broken

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yes so i can unslay ppl

An ok

You both +right so you’re baso just a lump of cancer

Its just for christmas

i hope you all die


fuck does this do???

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It makes you spin on the spot so you aren’t classed as being AFK. Then when the round ends he gets his Christmas present.

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this is necro posting