I'm furious


I am actually furious.


On a scale of furious to furious, how furious are you?


would a Panzer VI Tiger 1 help?


Playing smooth jazz



I’m furious.


I’m Picksie



I’m furious.


I’m furious.


paddy fuck off


Actual put your dick in another man and prove what we all already know you rampant fucking poofy lady boy why don’t you go gas yourself or at the very least get a wash I can’t believe I even tolerated you for a fucking minute you really are one aggravating bastard there’s no reason why you should be allowed to continue to steal the oxygen from this planet you disgraceful riotous wank stain go and get knocked out by a randomer who sees you for what you are which is a fucking wretch on the arse of society.

I’m furious.




As you can see, Paddy is great at deflecting.


yup, definitely. that’s why he should be staff (same for me btw)



There was some beauty in that descriptive response tho! xD


still furios?


furious, not furios i don’t know how someone copies something wrong.


I’m furious.


I’m Furious?