Im moderngoose and i want you to lose all your stuff gambling with me

Ok, now since im drunk enough to not be soically awkward i can write something here i guess
Im Goose, modern one, and im 18 years old
I love gambling and lootboxes, so Hmod is the best server i could find that allowes me to gamble, rdm people and get some exciting crates opened at the same time.
i wish tho i had more scrap to gamble, since no one ever wants to gamble their items with me ;c

To anyone reading this, i will advertise my exotics gamble game and give you some interesting offer:
Exotic gamble! Rules are simple: You and i bet similar/equal priced exotic, and then decide winner with jackpot/roulette.
If you want to participate you can write me down with the message “Honk Honk ‘your bet’” and i will bet 2x value of your exotic.
(I may not be on the server when you want to activate this coupon, so dm me in discord ModernGoose#4651)

Hello. Quack.

quack quack bitch

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