Inventory Tutorial

HarrysMod uses a completely unique inventory system that no other server uses, so if you’re new to the server, you might be a bit confused.

How do I open the inventory?

Press I or F3.

How do I open loot boxes?

Right click the loot box, and click “Use item”.

How do I equip items?

Drag and drop the item from your inventory into it’s respective slot.

How do I trade?

Select the trade tab, choose a trade partner, then pick which items to offer them and send the offer. The other party must approve your trade first.

How do I accept/decline a trade?

Once you’ve received a trade, type !trade, and click the relevant button to accept or decline it.

What can I do with scrap?

Scrap can be spent on buying unique things that cannot be found anywhere else from the store.

How do I get scrap?

Scrap can be earned by scrapping items that you don’t want. Right click the item you want to scrap, and click “Scrap item”. Not every item can be scrapped.

Why can’t I see the effect on my unusual hat?

Unusual hats require TF2 to be installed. You can install it for free here: