It's been said before . .

Just delete the mc server it’s worse in every way than main and its not like the main server ever fills up to max capacity so people need a 2nd shitty server


let’s grab some popcorn


There’s always been fluctuations on which server brings in more numbers so personally would say it’s a tad harsh to say that one is significantly better than the other.

Well you got unbanned AGAIN so maybe the server could use a tad more harshness jk love you bb

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MC brings in New players for you to use vessels on + it keeps the tards contained


Oh yeah, mc could definitely be considered as a training ground for new players before they learn about main and switch across…or stay on mc and harvest the souls of the next generation of players

Actually. The MC server isn’t all that bad. Like charging said it brings new players. And useful to get vessel kills. But that’s not all. Some of the mc maps are great to play on and for those who cant see the whole map on main then mc is the place to play on.


Yeah, the fact that you don’t need cs to play on it means it’s a great place to start. If it wasn’t for mc I wouldn’t have joined hmod


Plus good for farming tards


The hitreg and reduced firerates of mc fuck all vessels except like the garand. The lag of mc actively drives away NA players with ~100ms and, when people actually fill main before mc, main always gets higher player counts because it doesnt turn into hell with more than 10 players. The only valid point is that it allows people without cs:s to play and that is only a tiny percent of new players who will almost certainly spend no time on the server. If you actively require to play against worst players to get vessel kills maybe you should be like insert and host events to get them easily against players you have told not to shoot you, set to 1hp, imprisoned or anything else.

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Mc also offers variety. The map cycle is very different to main. And that will suit some players better than others.

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I haven’t found it to be that bad for vessels to be honest so I guess the experience differs from person to person


When you get used to MC nad go to main, you feel your weapons get better and you feel more powerfull, wich at least that what i feel. MC is perfect to chill and not worry about everyone tryharding, since the guns loose stats there(some). And some of the maps are iconic to the gamemode itself(b5, looking at you). So its a must, however the upgrade would be the option to give mc the UNF it needs,


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