Level Rewards

Dont think anybody has talked about this, but here it is.

Level - 15 = Mvp lootbox. Already explanatory, so no explanations needed.
Level - 35 = 2 Mvp lootboxes. Maybe that’s a lot, but in my opinion… why not?
Level - 70 = Epic Lootbox. Now we have a new one, = Basically gives 3 items (exotics are slightly more common.)
Level - 100 = Level 100 Exclusive Lootbox. Basically epic lootbox, but gives 5 items instead.
Level - 150 = Super “RARE” lootbox. Gives 6 items, but exotics and 3 slot weapons are more common than epic lootbox.
Level - 225 From every 50 levels, you now gain a Epic Lootbox.

Probably a shitty idea, but just wanted to throw it in there.

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