Map selection suggestions

Noticed some maps are a little outdated / outright broken. With the christmas update some maps have gotten better versions E.G 67th way which no longer breaks character models from FPP - could this perhaps be extended to expand map selection / take out unused and bad maps?

One example of broken off the top of my head is Mineshaft, it has a broken T Tester entrance causing it to not be useable at all - however there is a version released with updated textures and working tester entrance called Mineshafts - JPC

Is there anyway to get thumbnails for maps without them? It might help

Also a suggestion for the mapvote - Maybe visible votes would help people make decisions regarding mapchoice without having to close the tab and type in chat

Since adding maps causes the pool to become quite large, perhaps a rotation whenever a new event comes out could be in order?

I believe there are 2 identical/almost identical MC maps in the selection ATM so maybe one can be subbed out for this?:

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yes + fuck the character limit

hello Charizard

Small bump to this - mineshaft is becoming a very popular map on the server now, beating out other minecraft variants and maps like 67thway and pool

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