Maybe i could stop playing


I don’t think of leaving but it might happen that i would stop play but the chance of that is 20.3% of not playing no more but i hope that i can still play and if you saw my post that said i can’t play for 8 days or something, it was just that i rage to much and broke my heart drive so i have to wait 9 days but the next day i post i can’t play for 8 day and after 8 or 9 days i got it and i downloaded counter strike and some more but i just not in the mood to play again but just know there 79.97%that i could come back but just tell what should i do download garry’s mod


The fuck did i just read



I think i hit the limit of the autism spectrum, thanks.


Thank you, this is very clear and readable.




Please put this on all of thunder’s posts.



Yes very good English, very good maths +rep
Please use this death and take it as an awakening http://test.mensa.no/






@ajgunstone by the way you could find out my age and see why i can’t do that test so next day i would be talking on a mic


I can see your age, and how would I know it was you talking it, I don’t own the site, and lots of people use it?


now i think i would stop


Please change the title of the post should “could” to “should”.


maybe but still i want this post to be shut down