Mid-Christmas Patch, 2021 (Genesis and Main)

Small quality fixes following the previous update (1st Dec):


  • Tranq buffs - small changes, more still to be done
  • Removed Glacier map (broken textures)
  • ‘classic’ exotic returns and is dropping - ‘Cool-Sounding Deagle’. It does sound cool
  • Small changes to duck gun
  • Slight nerf to p90 (firerate)
  • Slight nerf to huge (recoil)


  • removed broken maps (Glacier, Concrete)
  • Buffed secret gun
  • Slight nerf to Communism, ‘For the Love of God’ and ‘The Power of God and Anime’ - mitigate a crashing issue


  • Small database fix
  • Santa - slight nerf to rampage Santa (but not much)
  • 2 new maps to replace Glacier

What are tranq changes


Firerate/acc buffs. The auto changes etc will come, just need a bit more fiddling

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Luv it thxhxhxhxhxhxh

Can I try communism to see if your update works??

randy dein humor ist so grotten schlecht. Ich dachte ich wär der unwitzigste Mensch auf diesem Planeten aber NEIN. Du hast mich übertroffen.

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Sorry, I don’t speak English.

We remember.

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