Missing Hands

Bug description: Every once in a while this happens, when the map changes and you spawn in with the other people, the hands go missing for 1 minutes to about 6 or so, atleast that’s the max mins i’ve experienced, if i’m not wrong b1 was with me once and noticed the bug too.
Steps to reproduce: Join after the map changed (only way i know this happens)
Screenshots (If applicable): I have no screenshots at the moment

P.S: this happens with garands too in your inventory, they are normal in game but in your inventory they show texture missing

Think this is an issue on your side. Never heard about this or seen it myself. Maybe it’s some of your workshop items/mods that are causing it? Try and remove them, see what happens.

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Thanks Aldron, i’ll try.

Alright so i tried, i think it worked but b1 was with me when i experienced the bug, so it’s not only on my side.

I’ve had this happen to me a couple of times, it doesn’t really affect gameplay so I don’t usually care

I know, i really don’t care too but it’s better to report in my opinion

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