Need serious help


So I don’t really know where to put this so I just chose shitpost to be safe, I also don’t know why I’m asking people I barely know but yeah… My problem is I’ve just been through a really rough breakup (Jiglord knows a little more info as I have told him about it privately) and I need help getting over her this is my first ever gf and obviously my first breakup and I have no idea what to do as I keep breaking down (crying mostly) and am worried about my mental state, I do have irl friends that are helping but I just wondered as most of you are significantly older than me (not a bad thing) how to deal with this or anything to do to help, thank you if you do.



The 1st and more important thing to do is Let everything out. Toxic masculinity is horrible and says you should tough it out. That is the worst thing to do ever. Find friends/Family and talk it out as the only way your going to improve is to make sure you don’t have anything left that will hurt you in the future - leading to my 2nd point.

The next step is to understand where it went wrong. I don’t know what happened between you and your girlfriend but its important to understand where you didn’t succeed as a Boyfriend and where she didn’t succeed as a girlfriend. And be very honest with yourself about this or your going to be bitter or just blame everything on yourself.

And the final step - Live and move on. These things happen, You stumble abit and you walk on. The worst thing you can do is stay feeling sorry for yourself and unable to move on to new relationships. Take the lessons learnt and be better from them.

Cue boring and obvious lesson. Failure is the best teacher - If you know what to take from it.
This is my thoughts on it - I hope you feel better



Please don’t take this as an offence, but kids these days are so sensetive.
Dude, i understand that it’s your first love etc. but here the thing. Almost every second “first love” relationships end up being shitty. It’s true =)
Yes, you will probablly keep remembering it for some time, but eventually you will find “The one and only”

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Thanks I’ll try to take what you said and put it to good use



No offence taken, I’d like to elaborate on first, we were very close and I mean first EVERYTHING not going to say anymore but you can probably tell what I mean but I know what you mean and am greatful you replied



It really doesn’t matter in that state.
It’s not the end of the world.
You have the whole life to find The One)
That’s what i don’t understand. Kids are overthinking and
exaggerate Love.
You do know, there is 2 stages of Love.

  1. When you like her and she likes you. The felling of Euphoria.
    Kissing, holding hands, sex blah blah blah.Even saying that you love each other.
    But the most important part is the second one.
  2. When this felling disappear, and you start to see some things in each other that you don’t like.
    Because here, you have to find strength in yourselfs to make compromise for some of the bad sides you have.
    And if you can’t find one. That’s not Love.
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Dude, you never know when you will find true Love.
I found mine in a fucking Gmod cinema server 5 years ago)

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Insert speaks the truth, follow his steps to a T. Just one thing to add to it, many people will advise you to get a rebound. Don’t do it. While yes it could make you feel a bit better, long term it’ll make you feel bad for using that person like that and get that person to probably hate you. Just let life flow on and you’ll find someone else naturally, just don’t force it.
Other than that, good luck getting through this, and hope you feel better soon

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Thank you Dakka I know I’m not supposed to reply if I’m just saying thanks but I feel like I need to personally thank everyone for helping



You’re very welcome. It’s ginna be a tough few weeks I suspect, (you may get lucky and be over it in a week but who knows), but whatever happens, you’ll pull through and everything will be good in the end



It’s tough. There’s a lot to it and it will hurt. But if there’s something I’ve learned after the life I’ve lived, it’s that despite all the hardship you are still there. You can keep going. You can fight the pain. You can get better. You can grow as a person. You can…probably get some sleep, I could really use it now lol.

It’ll be hard, but just remember that this is a short term thing. It’ll hurt. Badly. But eventually, you’ll be able to look at this as a learning experience.

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Thank you so much for replying, I know it will take time but I’m just glad of all the support everyone given me



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Kiss me and you will feel much better ^.^

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