New exotics in rotation

Hello everyone!
Here are the new toys you can get your hands on!

Buckshot Converter
Like the sniper shotgun, but more generalised
Halfs your damage but forces your gun to have shotgun stats
Avalible for: AMR2, Rifle and Aug

Stress Pump (M3 Super)
Its back, With more nuclear throne referances
Lower HP, higher stats. pairs well with self damagaing attachments!
Avalible for: M3 Super.

Lazer module
Low damage, High head damage multiplier. Seems to fire really quickly.
Avalible for: AUG.

Plan C
Swing your crowbar at a player and die with them! Scales with your HP lost!
Avalible for: Crowbar

tmtrainer module
Seems broken?
Randomly rolls your damage, Fire rate, Delay, Number of shots and recoil from +50% to -30%. You do gain a large ammount of ammo.
Avalible for: all guns

Balance Changes
Egg gun - Reduced clip size nerf, Decreased fire rate.
Super Bullets - Changed push force multipliers.
Cupid Bullets - Increased damage bonus to chest and stomache.

Keep in mind the birthday event is comming up so dont burn all your scrap yet!

CCX edit: lol shotgun is now unboxable. Also, Easter bullets can now be applied to AR-15


Shotgun aug with high firerate.

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