New unbox/Loot system


I think we need to change how getting new weapons work and changing the life spam of the server.
The biggest issue is balancing how long it takes to get good weapons as a F2P user and as a paying user. then there is an issue to make a system that does not just reward the people who have millions of scrap to spare and who are basically waiting for the RNG gods to bless them.

New system - Modular weapon crafting.
You no longer get weapon drops form loot cases but now 3 parts. Frame, Mechanical parts and Build materials.

Frame - Defines what gun is built. Like a shotgun or M16, Like a Blue print. Comes with One stat and rarity.
Mechanical Parts - Parts required to build the gun. Comes with one stat and rarity.
Build Materials - The materials to finish the gun, Comes with one stat OR corrupted stats with rarity

How does it work. Well lets take an example
You must have all the rarity to be the same so for this example the parts are purple.

I have a Purple rarity M16 Frame with Fire rate as its stat. This means when its build it will be build within the purple stats (total % of 100 - 134%)
I also have Mechanical parts with Damage with its stat of Dmg and Build material with Acc

I can now craft 3 together to create a M16 with a random stat range BUT will come with DMG/FR and Acc. This reduces the farming and random RNG a small amount.

The other part is you now can combine lower rarity parts to make a higher tier part. If you combine 3 parts with the same stat you get a guaranteed higher rarity with the same stat put in. 3 random ones give you a higher rarity but a random stat attached.

For example
I have 3 Green FR Mechanical parts. Put them together and you get One purple FR mechanical parts.

However if I have green Build materials where 2 of them have Corrupted +Acc for Lower FR and one part +clipsize Build materials it will give me a a purple build materials but the stat attached will be randomised.

What do you think? do you believe this will solve the problem or am I making it works
And more importantly, will harry think this is a good idea enough to implement it?

EDIT: thinking of shotgun specific stat (Multishot) This would come from Build materials and can be ONLY used for shotgun/M3 super/Sawn off shotgun Frames. This would make shotgun builds with multishot harder to get. but also can be corrupted.

EDIT 2: You could add this aswell as normal loot boxing.


I didn’t read too much of that but I probably agree.

  1. What will happen to those who already have good weapons in their inventory or a lot of scrap (cough NoBrain cough if you can get them from boxes).
  2. This will be hard to code in, I don’t think Harry will be in favor of working his ass.
  3. Won’t it be really confusing to explain to new people? I understand we want to preserve longevity but we want to increase the player base, all this extra work for a gun will make it harder for people to stick, not to mention that newbies usually complain that regulars have OP guns and that it is hard getting something to fight back, this won’t help the issue.
  4. I really don’t mind a new change of setting on the server, I actually welcome it but if it happens, how do you get exotics? Can you sell parts on the market? Will there be part specific boxes that’ll cost more?
  5. It is a very good introduction to an exciting idea, but hey I already have good guns, who cares about my opinion…


I think a decent answer to some of these is that it would exist alongside the current system.


I reckon this along with the regular unboxing strategy would be pretty cool, but would be bloody hard to code in. If so, normal boxes would probably have to cost more (at least 300-500 more scrap than the part boxes, in my opinion), in which case it might be worth lowering the chance of getting any grey guns, so that you don’t spend an excessive amount of scrap on a shotgun with 3.5% increased accuracy or some other bullshit stat that isn’t worth that amount of scrap. There are other changes that might be necessary, but at this point in time I am too tired to think of what they would be, so I’m not gonna bother. It’s a cool idea though, and could - with a fuckton of effort - be implemented without making guns stupidly hard to get.