Papas rage stick

So you know I was doing my thing farming cakes and scraped dogshit items out of them and then I look at market and see o look a m3 super with - 85 fire rate 35 dmg and 50 bullets and I’m like dang this is a meme gun and then 5 minutes pass and I’m like ok ima buy this thing I buy I tried it I get a t round and not from point blank from quite some range I 1 tap a guy I’m like What the fuck is this thing then we go to sky scraper and I get t round I see okk and I wanted to test the range so I go to the window from skyscraper and okk is in the middle of the snacc room and I aim in I shoot him and I deal 185 fucking damage from that range and this is how papas rage stick was born

Edit: for some reason the dmg is random sometimes it 1 taps sometimes it doesn’t but like palps said POWAAAA UNLIMITED POWAAAA


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