Patch Notes - 24/08/19

Hello people! Raptor did this update, and somehow the server is still mostly functioning.

NEW EXOTIC: Experimental MP5s

It seems that Santa has gotten his elves to develop this. Just what is he planning?

The Experimental MP5s are Dual MP5s but with a twist: they have the burst-fire mechanic seen on the M3 Garand! They fire twice in a row, so with each pull of the trigger you fire 4 bullets. However, they are not automatic as a result.

In addition, Santa has used some of his Christmas magic to make your hands invisible from your view when you use them, as it looked terrible with them. Do not fear, your hands are still there. Maybe.

Weapon buffs

Glock - Maximum Damage Drop-off has been increased from 0.55 to 0.65, so it’s a little better at range.

TMP - Recoil has been lowered from 1.15 to 1, to match it’s cousin the Glock.

Exotic Changes

Rab-Worc - Damage has been lowered but firerate has been increased.

Dual HUGEs - The description has been changed because the grammar annoyed me.

SniperGun550 - The max damage drop-off has been lowered a little (so it’s a little weaker at range), however the range has been lowered so that it gets stronger quicker.

Exotic Trade-In

New Exotic Trade-Ins have been added! The following Exotics can now be traded for:

Quad Berettas
Super Sawed-Off
Tranquilizer Gun
Dual Crowbars
Sniper Shotty
Experimental MP5s


-Harry fixed Moonman, so ladders don’t change the laws of physics for you anymore
-!textures works now

Thanks for reading! More changes will come over time so this might be updated if I only change small things.



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