Petition to ban Gnobrain/Hobrains bloody shotgun

  • Ban that bloody op pomf Shotgun
  • That shotgun is op but don’t ban
  • Its not op you just suck

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It is not OP. But I do agree that it is REALLY annoying that he NEVER uses anything else. LEARN OTHER GUNS @NoBrain REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (and fucking use em)


The worst part about it is the taunt that plays after he blasts you away in .25 seconds.


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Death to pomf


That shotgun is op but if lucky it wont kill you with the one shot lol. But it shouldn’t be banned anyways because other people have op guns in general.


if you want to ban his shotgun then you might as well ban my whole inventory.
however I do agree he uses it too much (always)
but hey I won’t judge




Don’t mind me, my inventory ain’t OP…


Its not the shotgun that makes you want to break your keyboard-its the goddamn taunt that comes after when you know there was fuck all you could do about saving yourself


Yeah yeah and your aim is shit


Thanks buddy, at least I know someone is in my favor…


get gud cunt

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