Post Halloween patch- Genesis and Main

Hi All,

Small patch following the end of Halloween - changes are now live. Thanks for playing the event, we’ve had some pretty funny rounds thanks to the tricks. It’ll return next year as usual.


  • MP5 changes - increased recoil
  • Big Bertha- buffed again (this is seriously the last one)
  • Nerf dual huge again - firerate
  • Scope attachment - slight buff
  • Gmod updated to latest version to try and fix a specific issue
  • Updated Al’s Toy Barn to try and stop people being kicked constantly


  • MP5 nerf - Recoil and a little firerate (base)
  • Newton Launcher fix - seems a dev mistyped a value somewhere which caused errors when using
  • Max playercount raised
  • Temp fix for damage log breaking bugs (hopefully, anyway)
  • First attempt at fixing AMR texture bug
  • Removed bugged (no ammo) version of Concrete
  • Super Bullet nerf - less $$
  • Fixed long-standing issue with hats/masks/unusuals not showing
  • Added Al’s Toy Barn map in addition to below map changes


  • Halloween maps will be removed soon, however MC City Dark will be staying
  • 4 New maps are added in place of some older, less played maps.
  • Titles on server browser changed to better reflect what we do
  • Prop Hunt turned off
  • Default map - changed (map that loads when server crashes)

no tranq :frowning:

Motherfuckers nerfed the MP5 just when I got a good one…

M16, here I come !

That’s on the list for the next patch, I need some time to test changes first

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L mp5 nerf, I like the dual huge “nerf” though

I also nerfed recoil a little too

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MC City Dark staying <3

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Pog, on duals or mp5

I replied to your comment about the mp5 but it didn’t take for some reason…

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Sad, I almost thought for a second dual huges were gonna become usable :sob:

ggfair play

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