Random Shock Bullets


Bug description: Sometimes when I get shot my camera flings wildly in a random direction or the direction of the shooter. Not sure if this happens to anyone else. This happens on both of my pcs.
Steps to reproduce: Get shot at.
Screenshots (If applicable): I don’t have any videos yet. I am working on it however. Just wondering if this happens to anyone else first


Haven’t seen any cases of this pop up before. Sounds stupid, but are you sure your hand isn’t just spasming from time to time when being shot?

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Yeah I’m sure. Sometimes it will be a full 180 degree turn which I can’t accomplish with one swipe with my mouse


Shock bullets do this to me aswell but only when scoped in

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I believe the shock may get us bro


I have experienced this when in spectate or straight after I’ve died, Not really ever thought anything of it but since it’s being brought to light thought I’d mention it too. Straight after death or round ends I’ve experienced it on.

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Sometimes if you take a lot of damage such as a headshot or getting shot by a shotgun real bad your crosshair shakes a little. It makes kind of sense tbh.
Anyways I think random shock bullets should definately a thing that exists for real though.


It could get op on high bullet and firerate shottys tho

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Thought this was just you, but I think this is happening to me aswell.


that sounds very lame