Restore Votekick


So I don’t know if Harry is already working on something so I’m going to post this. I think votekick rights should be restored to members over level 100 or 150 or so. We already have a problem with Rdmers and not being able to effectively votekick isn’t helping. I understand that votekick could be used for ghosting. I just think there should be a 0 tolerance policy for people who abuse it. Or maybe make a position above members that you have to level up to aquire? I understand that the staff have lives outside of the game, and that’s why we need votekick rights restored.


Just to mention, if I am correct, votekick does work on the main server, but for those of us who play on the minecraft only, we would find that command really useful.


I can’t use it on either server for some reason


Maybe they got rid of it on main too then?


Type !menu and try from there


It still won’t work. Idk if that’s because I’m currently on the mc server though. I can try it on the main server when people are actually on it later. EDIT:I can use it on the regular server. But it’s still hard to get anything approved without being able to put in the reason


It was restricted because people were being stupid with it, and then someone decided to ghost with it. The reason drop down isn’t working right now, @meharryp please can you look/fix it. !votekick doesn’t work on MC at all (even for me lol)


You started a votekick against Yourself (Spammer)
huh weird


On main the only reason you can do is reason.


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