Round time

Sometimes rounds can last really, really long when the server is heavily populated. Here’s 2 options to fixing that:

  • Remove haste mode and replace it with a fixed time
  • Decrease the extra time added per kill and make the initial round time shorter.

If anyone has any other suggestions or feedback I’m welcome to it.

The two worst maps for time is Airbus and White-house, other maps doesn’t seem to have this problem.

Can you have a shorter fixed time but still have extra time added per kill, thus reducing long periods of the Traitors doing nothing.

Note: White-house maybe should be removed as people without CSS texture cannot see the walls and so get trapped in certain areas of the map.

I agree, I had to walk somebody through a hallway that he couldn’t see because he had no textures. We waited 6 minutes because he couldn’t see it, I asked if I could slay either of them. They said no :neutral_face:

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if only they knew about genesis

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I could fucking burst you.