Selling lootboxes for cheaper than the store

I got a bunch of boxes and am selling em for prices below. If you ever want to open some boxes you should buy from me first, no reason not to.

Standart lootbox: 2k
Event lootboxes: 1k
Mvp lootboxes: 8k

They are 400 scrap cheaper than the store prices, neato right

Currently I have
11 mvp lootboxes
62 standard lootboxes
30 Coronavirus care package

Feel free to buy any of em at any time that im on the server, or even ask me to hop on the server to buy em. Thanks

IG name: PerskuleBenener

To clarify these lootboxes I own all possibly contain laser tm and those exotics. so they aren’t exoticless

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Pretty solid scam

Ill give you 6.5/10
Good effort but a bit lacking, might get some tho so thats a plus.

pasta how so?

Is this a scam?

It’s not and I should really close this lmao