Selling Store Items

Are you under the age of 18 and jobless? Or are you so poor you can’t afford to buy store items youself? Or maybe perhaps you have an IQ<15 and refuse to spend money to support a Gmod TTT server .Either way, I will sell you any store item in exchange for scrap.
For the low cost of just 75k for 1 month or 200k for 3 months, I will buy you vip+
VIP+ is very cool because you get to play taunts. You could choose terrible cringe taunts and get cringed on, or have mega cool guy taunts and make people think you are a mega cool guy like me. You also get 1 extra daily lootbox

Also selling VIP for 120k. VIP has a lot of benefits. Its best one is the increased amount of xp you get. You level up faster, and get lootboxes faster, which means you make scrap faster! Overall solid investment right here.

You can read about these and the other store items at: HarrysMod Store
Be quick! The store won’t be here much longer! PM me on discord or hmu in-game if you are interested!


how much for main getting players? asking for a friend

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main getting players should hmu so we can work out a price that we can agree is fair

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how mcuch for 100k scrap???

very nice post, now like this comment.

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