Skin Idea suggestions for me to make

Hello all, I want skin ideas. I don’t care what the origin material is, it can be any really. Consider this a competition. I’ll be setting a few categories, and the best skin idea from each category will be made by me and 10k on genesis will be given to whoever came up with it. Reference Images are welcome, and be sure to include as much detail as possible about how you want the finished product to look. I cannot guarantee all winner’s will have their skin made, ill try my best but I am human and I can get burnt out or stuck very easy. Worst case scenario you still walk away with 10k scrap. Also, someone can win in multiple categories and you can make several skin suggestions, the more the better

This is literally a steal, as you get to voice your opinions and ideas, and get paid to do it.


Seasonal (Holiday themed skins)

Colorway (Color combos such as Black, Orange, and Gold)

TV Show or Anime (Could be based on a character or meme from the show)

Misc. (Anything else that doesn’t fit into the other categories)

Last day will be on Jan 30th, and I will try to knock out the chosen skins by the end of February! (If not released on Feb. ill finish them all and release them as FuSe Omega Skin Pack #1

Get to submitting and Good Luck! (Submit them below in the comments, also don’t harass others for their idea)
Also, anyone who doesn’t win won’t be immediately done with their idea, I may still come back later and make it, but you won’t receive compensation for it if I come back later

Free format for you to follow hopefully:

Skin Name


Reference Image


Later Edit: Due to lack of general participation, ill be raising the prizes to 25k per category. this reward amount may end up being delayed however, as i’d have to grind out 100k which takes time

Winners: rewards will be delayed due to me being poor

  1. Gunerman - megumin skin - this will go on ak

  2. Seth - retrowave style sunset - ump and possibly sg

  3. Dafy - Quackbar - crowbar

  4. Joshua - various ddpat skins - red m16, blue scout, green ump, yellow mp5

Skin progress:

  1. 0%
  2. 0%
  3. 0%
  4. 0%

Sorry for delay, I’ve been very busy with school lately. Got a bit behind on my classes. Everything should be taken care of by the end of the month of March.

Far later update: This has not been dropped, however it is not currently being worked on. It will be picked back up sometime soon.


This is kind of a personal request but an red and black skin with megumin from konosuba and mordred from Fate


Multiquack, solid colour ducks in the multicam pallete arranged in a pattern, as shown in the shitty low res peniscam for reference.
Skin for any weapon, but GOD the sg needs a skin



A generic DDPAT camo skin ( The only image I could find is pink but other colours could be cool.)
Would be a good skin for multiple guns so choose whatever gun you want.


Also a gun based off hammer dev textures ( the Grey and orange ones.)



The Battlerifle or Lightrifle from Halo 3 and 4, for…reasons I won’t elaborate on.

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you are a fucking weeb

hey hey hey now, dont be an ass soldier :frowning:

be respectful of the man’s tastes

A full white crowbar but only the bended part is yellow so it looks like a duck bill!


Good luck getting anything actually added

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something like a sunset style skin weapon.

or an actual CSS Error skin (black and bright purple chess board)


A skin that looks like skin

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something with this concept would be cool. or just this

Just something McDonalds related would be nice imo

do you like mac donnalds?

Of course, because of course…

Category: Covert
Description: OBSOLETE.

erm, category is not tier/rarity jsyk

meme category (misc)