Staff report on aldron


Aldron is a cunt with a huge personal vendetta out for certain players lmao he was letting some little kid rdm me twice in a row by calling two false koses then he left the server without letting the reports being handled and he threatened to ban me perma for asking him what’s gonna happen ? Idk but we were T buddies eventually and i accidentally stabbed him ::slight_smile: but he banned me for two days for being a “cunt” wow the irony on this man though everytime i come on he wants to ban people for asking him to do his job lol! There’s zero proof i was being a “cunt” to anyone also I do have proof of the kid kosing me though. Funny how instantly he will handle his own reports he might be on a power trip you guys should pay him some anger classes because I got banned for a tiny mistake :flushed: he should find a new hobby to relax his nerves ! -a concerned friend


Not a good way to start a report…


If you are serious about this, you should make a report to the community managers. If you are wondering who they are, it’s ccx and raptor. Just make a personal message here on the forums and add them


Do you have any screenshots of this or evidence of aldron being a ‘cunt’ is so post them

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image I mean it checks out
also @Doppel

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Pretty sure you got banned before for similar acts but sure why not



Personally I recommend using some form of formatting, be it paragraphs or something, cause reading that is a right pain.

I’ll wait for Aldron to speak.


he’s basically saying aldron didnt do reports he made on people rdming him and that he rdmd aldron one time by accident and got banned for two days by it and the rest is just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Lol, well I’m glad you decided to make this report or w/e. So, what really happened tho.

Yes, the kid did kos you. But it was before the round had started and on a round where you were getting slain. No harm was done, I told him to stop. The next round, he does it to you again. But again, it was before the round had started. he said to people to kos you when the round starts, to when you decided to go and kill him as it started. If you wouldn’t have been so salty about it and left it, I would have handled it. Nobody was so stupid to actually follow a kos that was called out before the round had started, but apparently you get so hot headed you can’t handle it. After at which point, you kept spamming me in the admin chat about rdm and other things. At this point, I told you both to stop it or I would ban you both, so you could go and whine on the forums. The kid was smart enough to stop and you… Well, you’re here on the forums so :confused: You kept spamming me in the admin chat, I decided to just ignore you cause you obviously were being unreasonable. And then, you decide to go and rdm me for some reason, we were both Ts. You said that were was so many people there, but as shown on the gif below, none of the people were in your way. I decided to look at the death scene for just in case if what you were saying is true. And well, you can see it for yourself. Got nothing else to say.


Have you heard of full stops, commas, and colons? All of these would fit in to this shittily made and quite frankly painful to read ‘report’. You’ve also gone about this the complete wrong way. If you want something to be done about the ways Aldron has supposedly acted (which, while some are genuine acts of his, have been cast in the complete wrong light) I reccomend you don’t insult him or act so high and mighty.

However, you can also fuck right off.while the actual amount of times you have been kicked and banned for being a genuine cunt are unknown to me, I do know how much you deserve them. So I thought I would write a short report on you in a similar style to your report on aldron, while also adding punctuation, fixing grammatical errors and using paragraphs.

‘Jahcoin is a cunt with a huge ego and zero consideration for other players and their experience while on the server. He RDMs, false kos’ and verbally assaults anybody who doesn’t please him. He makes unfunny jokes which are just plain irritating and spews toxicity from every orifice.

Lately he has acted out a few times, the most recent of which he Team-Killed Aldron using a knife, resulting in him receiving a two day ban for being a cunt. Following this, he made a report attempting to raise awareness on the untrue fact that it is, in fact, aldron who is the cunt, not him. Along with the above factors that pile up nicely against him, I would like to point out how egotistical his mindset is, proved by the report. In his mind, the world seems to revolve around him.

Overall, I feel that he should perhaps see a therapist or someone to help him improve his mental state when online, as the amount of pure toxicity stored within him cannot be healthy. He should find a new hobby to relax his nerves.

  • A concerned Friend’

Just a bad attempt at projecting your own toxicity onto someone else.

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When making a staff report/unban appeal. Just don’t do a Cherino.
It never works out, you look like stupid moron head and nobody’s going to take you seriously.

Have a nice midweek and return in the weekend with a better gamer attitude, from experience with aldron he doesn’t really hold grudges sir.

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No. Absolutely not.



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