SuperLuke's IntroDUCKtion

Hello there, I’ve been on the server for some time now, so most of you probably recognise me. I’m SuperLuke/Colossal_Waffle (On Discord). If you somehow haven’t noticed, my real name is Luke and as I reach about level 280, I figured I should do one of these things.

I’m an 18 year old English guy and I’m about to go to uni to study songwriting in London. I’m an aspiring singer/songwriter and recently released my 1st EP on SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes and all the rest. My style is inspired by James Arthur (My favourite singer) but does still vary as I try to find my feet in the industry.

Talking in-game terms, you’ll probably find me spamming an OP shotgun with quads every round because I like winning. And you can guarantee that if I’m a T I’ve probably already hanged your body and yelled ‘HELLO SUNSHINE!’ at the final inno as I fly across the map to knife them.

My other gaming interests are COD (mainly MW2), WOT, Rocket League and FIFA tho I do venture into other games sometimes. As you can tell from the FIFA on that list, I also play PS4 as well as PC. It’s just nice to keep things somewhat diverse.

My main interests outside of gaming include sports (mainly tennis and football), music (obviously), Game Of Thrones (#TeamArya) and the Hunger Games…Oh, and if you don’t care for the Hunger Games I probably don’t care for you. :stuck_out_tongue: Football-wise I support MK Dons and play for their supporters team and in tennis my favourite players are Gael Monfils, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Andy Murray tho once again I also play for my local team.

So there’s a bit about me, I’ve already had the pleasure/dismay of playing with most of you and no doubts I’ll be playing with you all again soon, so until then, Peace!



Jesus Luke, how do you have time to play?

I have to balance a lot of things lol, will be harder once I’m at uni. I’ve only ever played with a PC, so laptop will be a different experience, probably gonna lag more as well but we’ll see

i like penis


Tell us something we don’t know Doppel! :stuck_out_tongue:

your mum lives off her chaturbate tokens and uses them to feed the family


Miss you bb.
Doppel man

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I have never seen you knife ANYONE

I knife everyone. Think of me as a trained assassin, that would explain why you didn’t see me do it! :stuck_out_tongue:

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or maybe, just maybe, you suck in knifing

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knifes Dadilido in the back


You die 1 second into the round far too often to knife people

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Only if I get RDMed which isn’t as regular as it used to be lol

I remember a day that every t would kill you first and you would die as a t immediately. People would RDM in case you were t. I felt so bad for you.


It meant people thought I was a threat tho. So it’s good in a way. Most T’s still try to take me down early.

You’ve been nerfed by your laptop imo

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Definitely, I’m adjusting slowly but I’m not quite hitting the heights I was towards the end of my run on PC. I’ll get there eventually tho.

Would you say that we’ve seen better days?


OMG, if that was a reference to my song <3

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