Taunts are finally out with VIP+!

You’ve all been waiting like 2 years for taunts now, and they’re finally here with VIP+!
VIP+ is a new monthly purchase that everyone should have. VIP+ gives you all the following stuff:

  • Upload any (wtihin reason) 6 second long MP3 file to use as a taunt when you kill someone or hit F4
  • Change the scoreboard rank you have to anything (within reason, CM’s can force change your rank)
  • Never worry about nametags again, you’re able to rename items for free
  • Get an extra lootbox daily just for logging in

All this starting from £3.33 a month!
think about it, that’s pretty much the cost of one block of cheese


(p.s if you’re one of the lucky people with an old taunt, don’t worry, they will still work fine. if you buy VIP+ you will have to upload a new taunt but when you lose it you will keep the old taunt)


Within reason = no obviously illegal or offensive audio, no painfully loud earrape (cough cough doge_wholesome.mp4) and no audio of you calling out a specific player for KOS and so on.

can’t believe i have to spell it out but people are gonna be like “but its not in the rules so it’s allowed” and im gonna have to smack a bitch


INB4 someone uploads racist taunt

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Plus 500 Harry points to everyone who makes their taunt either countdown or nobrain’s autistic screaming

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I am now officially the first vip+, my parents love me


everyone be careful what you say in-game as it will almost guarantee to be made into a taunt.

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anyone who has Nobrain screaming EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG will get 50k

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I think youre the only non cm VIP+ as everyone else’s is taking time to arrive


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