Temp unban request

Banned by: RhysRaptor
Banned For: mass RDM
Time of ban: 1 or 2 months ago
i wont rdm again.

Was meant to be a forum PM to the staff, but forums take a while to get used to so eh.

I’ll allow an unban, though remember that you will be kept an eye on, so don’t break 47 rules or whatever the kids do these days.

We’ll need your steam id, if you don’t have it then use this: https://steamid.io/

Give us the one that is in the format STEAM:0:0:12345678.

anyone who adds anything to this other than staff or magmalime will be punished as you don’t need to be involved

Here it is

Thank you. Someone shall unban you shortly, and this post will be closed when it is done.

You are unbanned, make sure not to break too many rules this time.