Terraria run V2

The terraria server is resetting, what would you like?

There is no vanilla, only cancer

  • Entire world is Dungeon
  • Entire world is drowned
  • Entire world is corrupted
  • Entire world is Hardmode
  • No, this is bad

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Happy voting, this server will be open untill you defeat moonlord/server is to quiet.
the map will be saved. you can place you shit in a chest to keep it alive, i will post it online somewhere.
This is will be expert and will not be rushed. new players are welcome.


I saw runs of entire world is dungeons
Holy shit that looka like fun

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Hey u mind also linking me the details for the terarria server cuz i own the game and seems fun to play it

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Well let’s see what it looks like I guess

And fix the permissions issues

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I will post the server details when the server is out

HarryRP? just a thought :^)

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Thats the wrong meme

this is a terraria server
go annoy harry

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This vote will close and thus the server reset on the 13th of march (OOOOOO)

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All im saying is FEAR THE CORRUPTION

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Next run will be the map will be entire dungeon
if this fails the entire world will be flooded
if THAT fails then i will evil-ify the entire world 50/50