Terraria server

Well now that i got everything chill, i can do some accual hosting

Terraria runs!
Some weekends from friday night 7PM, to sunday night 10PM. Server will stay up during that time

How they work and rules

  1. Griefing is no guuchi. Doing so is perma ban for all runs. Please use piggy banks/safes and defender forge,
  2. Fall behind? catch up kits will be supplied,
  3. With the limited ammount of accessories there will be a trade in shop. prices are on ask when the server is up. Trading times will be limited

Do this dumb stuff to get scrap
1st person to show Insert -Aunk shield - 10k scrap
1st person to show Insert - ANY biome key - 10k scrap
Be on the server for 1st the Wof kill - 2k
Be on the server for 1st Duke fishron kill - 2k
Be on the server for 1st Moonlord kill - 2k
Get 5 unique pets - 2k
Get flower boots - 2k

Ok have fun. I cant wait to have a notepad to track scrap.


Be the first person to give Mane a Rod of Discord - Secret Stash item

(Disclaimer: Secret Stash items are not guaranteed to be overpowered or even good. If you get a Secret Stash item and you believe it’s not even that good, deal with it.)

EDIT: I am retracting this due to obscene rarity of the item and severe anger issues exhibited by me to the surprise of nobody in particular


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